RiseUp4AbortionRights is fighting to STOP Supreme Court Justice Alito's Draft Decision overturning Roe v Wade from BECOMING LAW with all the NIGHTMARE this would bring for WOMEN and GIRLS and the FUTURE FOR EVERYONE.

Join in & support a Week of Action Sunday May 8 - Saturday May 14 culminating in unified nationwide protests May 14.  This is an abortion emergency, and we are glad to announce a $5,000 MATCH from a leader of RiseUp4AbortionRights.org:

"There is now no question that The Supreme Court is intent on overturning Roe v Wade, which will result in the deaths of an untold number of women and girls who will have no choice but to have back alley abortions.

But we can STOP it, if we act quickly!

I am donating to RiseUp4AbortionRights since this organization has been protesting, rallying and marching on the streets long before Monday's leak, under the rallying cry, ABORTION ON DEMAND AND WITHOUT APOLOGY! Now, they are urgently working to flood the streets with countless more pro-choice supporters within the next hours, days and weeks to create a mass sustained resistance and political revolt to hopefully force The Supreme Court to reconsider.

That's why I am matching up to $5,000 in donations to support the work of RiseUp4AbortionRights. Will you join me in donating? The lives of an untold number of women and girls depend on it!"

Lori Sokol, Executive Director, WOMEN'SeNews.org 


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